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synopsis a fistful of dreams (ENG)

A Fistfull of Dollars documentary. Sergio Leone documentary.


pour une poinee de dollars documentaireA FISTFUL OF DREAMS shows the human side of the birth and crisis of cinema in Almería (Spain) seen through the people that lived and worked with one of the most popular artists in XXth century, italian director Sergio Leone. The sucess of Leone´s first western, “A Fistful of Dollars” (1964), meant for Almeria the spark for ten years of prosperity and glamour that changed the live of many.

The story of a region distanced from the world, that one day received the arrival, in a rush, of all “glamour” in cinema. For a while it seemed that this arrival would bring a new prosperous life to the natives of this area. But the illusions were lost, when one day, as in a race for the gold in the Old Western, the people of cinema abandoned this region and returned no more… So in the end it all passed leaving nothing behind but stories and legends.


And “This is the Western Sir. When the legend becomes fact, we print the legend”


Appearing: Eli Wallach & Claudia Cardinale as the stars, Carlo Leva as the italian sets builder and The Natives: Frank Barry as the stunt, Antoñito Ruiz as the acting boy, Juan & Diego Fernandez as Leone´s trusted brothers, Antonio Plaza as Lee Van Cleef´s driver, Pepe Figueredo as Lee Van Cleef´s best mate , Curro Sánchez as Leone´s last driver.


Main crew: Antonio Lobo as director, Paco R Baños as Realisateur, Jordi Abusada as cinematographer, Daniel de Zayas doing the Sound, Natalia de Ancos & Alvaro Alonso as producers, Josema Garcia Pelayo as Music Composer. Shot at: Almeria, Granada, Rome, Alessandria, Paris & New York. Produced by: Jaleo Films SL in coproduction with Canal Sur Television SA. Backed by: Andalusian Ministry of Culture, RTVA, Diputación de Almeria.

Watch here the introduction scene of the documentary film